Coral Albino Boa

Latin Name:

Boa constrictor imperator


Coral Albino (Original Strain)





Coral albinos are boas out of the Kahl Strain, which distinguish to other albinos with their intensive red colour. Not only the blotches on their back and the tail are intensive red, but also the head is extremely intensive red spotted.


The genetics of the Coral Albino are not completely understood yet, but it's not about a pastel albino which is often argued. These two albino types can be clearly distinguished from each other. It rather seems to be an own recessive hypo genetic which got nothing to do with the normal co-dominated Hypos or Sunglow boas.

As a baby, albino boas are cream-faced yellow and orange, so it's hard or impossible to recognize a coral during the first month. At a certain age the differences will become more and more visible.


Also the transitions between normal and coral albinos are fluently, so it can be difficult to distinguish them. That's the reason why some albinos are offered as corals. They only got an intensive red pattern and in reality they are no coral, but a beautiful albino boa.